Banchte Shekha

(Learn how to Survive)

Banchte Shekha is one of the largest women and children organizations in the southern part of Bangladesh based in Jessore working since 1976 to improve the socio-economic condition of women in the region with a long-term objective to empower women and reduce poverty in the depressed areas for the disadvantage people particularly vulnerable women.

Banchte Shekha started it's activities from Jessore that is the southwest part of Bangladesh near the Indian Border. 9 area offices, 3 unit offices and 12 project offices situated in Jessore, Khulna, Jhenaidah, Kushtia, Narail, Magura and Gazipur districts of Bangladesh are used by Banchte Shekha to serve its beneficiaries and deliver programmes effectively.

Over the 31 years Banchte Shekha has been reorganized as a key player in liberating and empowering the women of Bangladesh are attracting many visitors from organizations around the world, interested in seeing the work and impact of Banchte Shekha’s work.

Banchte Shekha aims to improve the socio-economic condition of it's beneficiaries in the working area especially to establish the women and child rights. It performs for a positive change likely economical, cultural, women empowerment, human rights establishment by facing different types of challenges and risks including prolonged conflict, confrontation, natural disaster, social trend and tendencies, fundamentalism etc. In this connection it set up a target of components including Community Mobilization and Institutional Strengthening, Income Generating Activities, Health Hygiene and Nutrition, Education. In every component, it had a good achievement and success finding better scope of work opportunities in its working area among other success providers. It had a long experience in implementing these components both in rural and urban area including most high-risk slums of Bangladesh.

Established in 1976 it has grown to serve more than 1,50,000 women and 1700 groups in 1201 villages of Khulna and Dhaka division, indirectly more than 10 lacs people are being benefited by Banchte Shekha’s programmes. The organization is registered with the Department of Social Welfare and under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary) Regulation Act.

On Going Program:

  • Development Program for physically disable girl children
  • Community Based Fisheries Management Program
  • SHAHAR Project
  • Commuinity Initiative To Reduce Violence Against Women (CIRVAW)
  • Human Rights Development Project
  • Community Justice Project
  • Hardcore Poor women and Children Development Project
  • Skill Development Program for victims of violence and trafficking
  • Human Rights Democracy Partnership Project
  • Micro Credit
  • Income Generating Project
  • Information Technology
  • Mother & Child Care Centre
  • Capacity Building
  • Human Rights Development Project through Initiative for Prevention of Pre-election violence Project
  • Voter and civic education and observation of 9th parliament election
  • Life oriented skill development education project


  • Institution Building strengthening
  • Capacity Building of Organization and Groups
  • Income Generating Activities for Group and organizational Sustainability
  • Provide Credit facilities for women economic development
  • Primary Health care services provide to women and children
  • Create awareness among group members about right issues
  • Solve different women violence related incidently by implanting Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mobilize and strengthen fishing communities and the wider communities and empower this communities to manage fishery and wetland resources in sustainable ways
  • Ensure more equitable access to fishery resources, and in particular assist and facilitate access of organisd groups of poor fishers to decision making over the waterbodies they use.