Women In Small Enterprises

Founded in 1996 Women In Small Enterprises (WISE) is again another organization of Women Entrepreneurs, formed as a need and demand from borrowers of collateral free loan given by MIDAS. Their businesses were rising and expanding as was their loan facilities increasing. These women needed to network and wanted to help other women to join the business world – to do business.

The members of WISE are an active vibrant group that makes linkages between their members and other bigger organizations like Super Markets and other Buying Houses. WISE has worked jointly with the Bangladesh Girls Guide Association to give Start up Trainings and Skilled Trainings to young potential women entrepreneurs from various districts of Bangladesh. WISE has worked with the Government of Bangladesh on advocacy to facilitate micro credit for women.

Some of the priorities that WISE has in its objectives include

Established in 1976 it has grown to serve more than 1,50,000 women and 1700 groups in 1201 villages of Khulna and Dhaka division, indirectly more than 10 lacs people are being benefited by Banchte Shekha’s programmes. The organization is registered with the Department of Social Welfare and under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary) Regulation Act.

On Going Program:

  • Membership development – how to create a more active empowered membership.
  • Networking – essential to expanding Women’s businesses and the reach of their organization.
  • Training – instruction in managing and developing businesses.
  • Information sharing – information regarding banks giving loans to women, access to capital, and working capital.
  • Product development – Product Improvement and Product development.
  • Marketing – facilitating marketing by holding trade fairs.

Wise also carries out surveys to find the difficulties that women face in doing business. The findings show that some of the problems women have are:

  • type of education,
  • lack of role models in entrepreneurship,
  • gendering of entrepreneurship,
  • weak social status,
  • competing demands on time and
  • access to finance

The survey also shows women entrepreneurs are found to have an important impact on the economy, both in their ability to create work for themselves and to create jobs for others. A few members of WISE have opened a marketing outlet on Baily Road called Wise Corner.