membership criteria

Any Trade body or association or individual women entrepreneurs who is interested to become a Member of BFWE will require consent of the Executive Committee (EC).

Memberships are 2 categories:
1. Individual Membership.
2. Group Membership – Trade body, Associations working towards the development of women.

launching of bfwe

The inaugural ceremony was held on the 9th October 2006 in Dhaka with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs as Chief Guest and the ADB Country Director Ms. Hua Du as Special Guest.

our primary focus


Business organizations are vital element of enterprise development. BFWE is building a network by linking women associations, enterprises, small- medium-large industrial owners. BFWA is a platform for exchanging / sharing experiences among women associations, enterprises, small-medium-large industrial women owners. We in BFWE assist new women entrepreneurs in project selecting, planning, executing through BFWE networks by sharing /exchanging experiences from the prior successful women owners. In addition we encourage exchange of technology and expertise, through information among women entrepreneurs, associations, small & medium industries.


We work towards identifying obstacles facing by women entrepreneurs and helping them best to overcome it.

‘access to capital’

One of the critical elements for ensuring the growth of small enterprises is the availability of capital. There are several organizations that are very involved in providing capital to micro enterprises. BFWE facilitates women entrepreneurs in accessing to capital.

‘access to assets’

We help women entrepreneurs to get sanctions of Lands / plots for establishing industries & business.

‘access to technology’

We help to develop quality of the products and new products exchanging technology, expertise among women entrepreneurs, associations, small & medium industries through BFWE network.


We help in marketing products; create new marketplaces in the country or out of the country through advertisement among the BFWE members. In addition we want to help to open new sell-centers in urban & rural areas. We in the federation want to organize trade events / fairs all over Bangladesh for marking & promotion of products made by the women entrepreneurs.

‘capacity development’

BFWE will organize diverse training programs as required/demanded in various areas of Bangladesh for women entrepreneurs for developing their skills in various segments of business.


BFWA will help to arrange accommodation and hostels for women entrepreneurs especially because they have to travel for business purposes.

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