legal entity of bfwe

BFWE has been registered with the Directorate of Women Affairs under the Ministry of Social Welfare of Bangladesh Government

Reg. No. ZEMBIKKA/Dhaka/300 dated 18.08.2006
Registered Office:
Red Crescent Concord Tower, 11th Floor, Suite-B,
17 Mohakhali C/A., Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

bfwe composition


A member will require an approval from the EC prior to giving the subscriptions. The current rate of subscription is taka 500 annually and taka 900 for group membership. It should be noted however that the rate of subscription may change in future depending upon the decision of the executive committee.

The body will only accept subscriptions by receipt.

The members will form an executive committee and will then give their opinions on the activities of this body and will exercise voting rights.

The general members and the representative members will have voting rights.

The Executive Committee:

The chairperson, three co- chairpersons, one general secretary, one ***, one press secretary and six members will form an executive committee either elected or by nomination from the general members.

Other sub committees may be formed on the basis of future requirements.

This committee will be in office for a period of two years. The same working rules will be applicable in forming committees in future.

Advisor/ patron member:

Five members may form an advisory committee without any bindings related to payment of annual or financial subscriptions based on the approval of the chairperson in order to assist this federation in the implementation of tasks.

Persons with high caliber and exceptional personality such as those who are well known social workers, educationists, business persons may become members in these positions.

In the greater interest of the federation one of the advisors will be nominated as the chief advisor and four others as advisor members by the chairperson. Persons in these advisor membership positions will not have voting rights.


Women and men can become donors and life long members.

A person donating an amount of taka 50,000 or more can secure this position. They can give advice on the activities of the body. They will not have voting rights but they will be invited to attend the annual meetings.

Lifelong member:

A person donating taka10,000 or more can secure this membership. They will not have voting rights but they will be invited to attend the annual meetings.

Founder member:

The person who had the vision for forming this federation and who has initiated the organization of this body is Mrs. Rokia Afzal Rahman. She is therefore accepted as the founder chairperson of the Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs.

All those members who were present at the first meeting held on 8th June 2006 will all be considered as the founder members.

Qualification for securing membership:

A woman who is the owner of a business or is a potential woman entrepreneur, business women and all those institutions who encourage women in businesses are all considered qualified to be considered as members.

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